Bearing in mind the diversity of materials, including raw materials or ready products, which often require specialist knowledge to handle, we can offer professional counseling and proper logistics solutions, such as the selection of the appropriate route and means of transport. We have at our disposal vehicles with the payload of 1 to 25 tons.

We hope that you will find our offer interesting. At request, we will send you the reference list of our clients.

Packed goods

One of the main area of our company’s activities is the logistics of packed products on or without pallets, in bags, big bags, IBC containers or other types of individual packaging.

Bulk liquids

Another area we specialize in is transportation of liquid chemical products (both neutral and dangerous – ADR) and food materials.

Dry goods in bulk

We have long practical experience in transportation of dry and powdered goods in bulk. If necessary, we may arrange transshipment or temporary storage of products.