Packed goods

One of the main area of our company’s activities is the logistics of packed products on or without pallets, in bags, big bags, IBC containers or other types of individual packaging. The product range includes mainly raw materials and chemical products, which are often dangerous, and belong to the following ADR classes: 3,4,5,6,8,9.

We are aware of the constantly changing market conditions and increasing requirements for companies in the Transportation, Forwarding and Logistics business, and that is why we remain up-to-date with the business, both in terms of the domestic and international markets. We collaborate with many companies in Poland and throughout Europe, and therefore we almost always have at our disposal the proper means of transport in order to come up to your expectations.

In road transport of packed materials, we use:

  • standard and Mega semitrailers
  • high volume trucks - up to 120 cbm
  • refrigerated and temperature-controlled vehicles (with controlled transportation temperature) - both with the payload of up to 24 tons (33 europallets)
  • delivery trucks with the payload of up to 8 tons (17 europallets)

In case of dangerous materials transportation, we use vehicles equipped with the necessary ADR equipment.