Bulk liquids

Another area we specialize in is transportation of liquid chemical products (both neutral and dangerous – ADR) and food materials.

Product range:

  • The majority of goods transported by our company are liquid chemical materials of the following ADR classes: 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9.

We also organize transportation of food products, both neutral and dangerous, such as: glycerine, glucose, various oils and acids and other materials for food and pharmaceutical industries.

In road and intermodal transport (road – railroad – ship), we use vehicles which are appropriate for the particular product qualities and volume:

Bulk trailers 1-4 chambers 26,000 -40,000 liters
Jumbo tank trailers 3 chambers 56,000 -58,000 liters
Tank containers 1 chamber 26,000 -34,000 liters

Specialist equipment:

  • In the case of special requirements or needs of a customer for special products, we use dedicated tank trailers (dedicated to one customer or one product).

All tank trailers and containers used for performing of orders have appropriate cleaning certificates and equipment necessary for unloading the products.